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This piece is titled “Gelopi Drift.” It consists of a .mp4 video file, and 2 .png image files. Gelopi was a term for a beat up car. This entire piece is a little bit beaten up to match the carts.

The video is of bad quality, large pixels. Captions are choppy and inconsistent.

The “GELOPI RACE SUIT” display catalogue is meant to emulate an early DIY webpage. This page hurts your eyes. It is bright and it does not put focus on the actual racing suit. Labeling is a little bit unclear- generally a high cognitive load.

The suit is made from a blue flannel bed set. I wanted a racing suit, but I think I ended up with something a little closer to a superhero. The headwear consists of a bonnet meant to be tied around the neck, and an eye mask. Inspiration comes from the need for a cloth between a racing helmet and the scalp.

This piece is a walk. A walk up a hill and ride down is representative of changing potential energy into kinetic energy. In this piece, I wanted to explore walking as a source of potential energy as opposed to kinetic. Walking is seen as kinetic energy; we eat food, we sleep, and we turn that potential energy into force and kineticism. I designed 2 go-karts to act as the release for the built up energy. I think of the carts as a pull-back toy car.


Visually I was aiming for what the internet and web looked like in the years after 9/11. This time was very explorative for many groups, each assigning a different use for the same set of digital tools. I used a handheld camcorder to match this theme. Small camcorders became increasingly cheap and thus popular with individuals, family, and friends. Camcorders seemed to have disappeared since smartphones began to match or surpass the image quality. I had in mind the idea of a home video. Before became an enterprise with ad campaigns, booming stock, and deals with Google, it was made for us: the people. We with the handheld cameras. If you wanted to see a good Hollywood production, you’d watch a movie, but if you wanted that first hand and unrendered content, you’d go to Youtube. Shaky hands, poor image, and to-the-point titling (think “baby monkey riding backwards on a pig”). You see exactly what you’ve clicked on.

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