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APRIL, 2021

This collection was apart of senior thesis for my degree in Experience Design. 

Experience Design has become a fairly digital field, when we speak about it, we may think of start up bros in their office crowded around a foosball table. Maybe they're talking about 'retention rates,' maybe they're talking about the mobile app they're developing on the side. Regardless, that is not the type of experience design I involve myself with. Experience Design was once a very physical field; the design of buttons, doorknobs, clasps, and everything else. 

This set of toys is meant to remind us that Experience Design is a field of feeling, emotion, and touch. These toys are meant to remind us to appreciate the touch and feeling of our world. We are very disconnected from our digital action. We click a button on a screen, and the next day, a package arrives. A very indirect physical relationship we hold with Amazon, wouldn't you say? 

The touch of metal is emotional. The cold touch to skin, the weight, the sound. 

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