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This suit is a handmade recreation of what I wore on a walk I took. I recall wearing a vest, a long sleeve shirt, and a pair of light trousers.

This set is made from a loose and breathable fabric originally used as a coffee bean sack. On the day of my original walk, I went down a hill, through the forest, past a river, and into a junkyard. I wanted to make a set of clothing better designed for that terrain, context, and situation. On the day of my walk, I ran into a couple issues: I was cold, and could not walk in the river, and my pants were too thin to be worn safely in a junkyard containing jagged metal objects.

The pants are water-cut so I could wade in the water comfortably. The fabric is strong enough to be walking around sharp or serrated metals. The vest has 6 pockets for carrying the things I find. In the junkyard there were countless glass bottles I wanted, but I only left with 4. This was because my pockets were too small and the bottles were too dirty. The loose weave of the fabric allows for dirt to sift through if you’ve chosen to pick up a dirty object. This vest could carry up to eight 16 ounce bottles. On the day of my walk,

I was also recording audio. The vest has been made to accommodate an audio recording device. A back pocket is tighter than the rest, so that an audio recording device does not get shuffled around. I hemmed blue fabric to the burlap so that I would not get shot by a hunter thinking I’m a large turkey. It was turkey hunting season at the time of my walk.

In the photos, I climbed a ladder to demonstrate the agile capabilities of this suit. I can climb and stretch my legs. This set does not include buttons or fascinators.

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